Revenue Cycle Management

How to Optimize Your Epic Revenue Cycle Management System

Healthcare relies on a balance between giving patients the medical treatment they need and efficiently processing claims and payments. Epic Systems makes this process easier for both medical staff and patients.

At Titan Health Systems, we can help you optimize your Epic revenue cycle management system. An optimized system means that healthcare staff can focus on giving patients the best experience while maintaining a revenue cycle that avoids spending time on billing.

Use Epic Patient Estimates

Patients often worry about the cost of their treatment. Epic Patient Estimates creates a system for determining patients’ medical care costs before receiving their bill. Based on a patient’s history, Epic Systems uses data to estimate the patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility. The software combines the patient’s health insurance claims, benefits, and other factors for a more accurate evaluation of final payments.

Epic Patient Estimates allows patients to prepare, reducing the likelihood of missed payments. It also creates transparency, and patients are more likely to return for future care when they need it when they know what to expect.

Operate Workqueues Efficiently

Epic revenue cycle optimization relies on setting up workqueues to operate seamlessly together. With all the areas Epic Systems connects, each workqueue must have rules to move charges from one to the next. Epic Systems comes with standard rules to help streamline charges and ensure they move to the claim edit and charge review workqueues appropriately. However, monitoring these workqueues ensures that no updates have affected the charges or placed them in the wrong areas.

We can optimize workqueues to minimize errors and create a system that eliminates issues like separated lines. Workqueue organization and maintenance also prevent missing payments and claim delays.

Set Up Rules

Epic revenue cycle optimization requires creating, maintaining, and monitoring rules to keep them up to date. Payers and providers can alter their rules or processes without notice, making existing rules obsolete or causing errors in the revenue cycle. To avoid claims denials, missing or delayed payments, and other issues, evaluating current rules and making changes where necessary will help keep revenue flowing.

Our team knows the best way to optimize Epic Systems rules to keep charges moving through the system properly. We go beyond the reports, using the dashboard and other tools to assess aging, volume, and trends to keep everything running correctly.

Monitor and Test After Changes

All of the most effective software systems implement changes to keep them functioning well. Epic Systems releases significant updates every year, plus more frequent special updates packages, and the potential for error can increase after these updates. Monitoring and testing after changes help reduce the risk of charges going to the wrong workqueues or causing problems in other areas of the system. Instead of testing only the module directly affected by the change, test each one together to ensure all rules still apply.

We can help determine which tests are necessary and change rules where they no longer benefit the system. We advise taking screenshots of the system before an update to compare its previous operation to that after its upgrades.

Compare Performance

While it helps to compare the Epic revenue cycle performance before and after an update, comparing it with other organizations can prove useful, too. Epic’s Financial Pulse tool allows for creating key performance indicators (KPIs), setting benchmarks, and monitoring real performance results to provide information about how to improve. While Financial Pulse is an opt-in feature, it increases awareness of weaker areas in the Epic Systems for specific organizations.

Let Us Optimize Your Epic System

Titan Health Systems provides Epic revenue cycle optimization services to create a system that works best for your facility. We identify areas where organizations lose revenue to reduce outstanding bills and streamline overall revenue services. We work with you to shorten the time between the Date of Service (DOS) and captured charges. By creating better rules, workqueues, and processes in your Epic Systems, we help you stay up to date on charges and keep patients satisfied with their care at your facility.