Epic Optimization and Build Support

Epic Optimization and Build Support Services

When you invest in software like Epic Systems, you want to use it to its full potential. Most health care organizations know Epic can improve workflow and revenue cycles, but they don’t know how to make that happen using all of Epic’s intricate features. At Titan Health Systems, we have the knowledge and experience to help health care facilities become more efficient using Epic software. Our Epic optimization consulting services provide insight from our experts to maximize productivity and allow staff to focus on patients.

Implementation Assistance

As the first step in our Epic optimization services, we offer implementation assistance to help you get the most out of your Epic system. We know that Epic software can be overwhelming, even after years of using it at your health care facility. Our team will work with you to map your optimization goals and implement solutions so that your Epic software works for you.

Create an Action Plan

We listen to the needs of every health care organization that wants to optimize their Epic System. That means creating actionable goals. We analyze your business operations to understand which areas need improvement and offer you concrete solutions. We deliver on our action plans by making changes to Epic’s EHR configuration and utilizing technological features to enhance your operations. For example, optimizing workqueues with rules that apply to your facility means your staff spends less time on administrative tasks and more time building relationships with your patients.

Improve Workflow

Our Epic optimization services have helped health care organizations of all kinds, which means we know which aspects of Epic’s technology will improve yours. Epic has specialty technologies based on the needs of different facilities. Where they have created these features, we know how to use them, and we’ll implement them seamlessly into your workflow. Whether you need to streamline workflows at your centralize billing office or you want better access to reporting tools in your finance department, we make these features easy for you to use and understand.

Post-Live Support

At Titan Health Systems, Epic optimization means supporting you from start to finish. We offer you solutions to maintain your system over time so it continues to serve you and your patients. Our goal is to continually improve the care you give to the community, which means maintaining your Epic system and adapting it as needed.

Focus on Patients

We train your health care staff to use the Epic EHR system so they can give patients more attention. Instead of spending hours on billing, we can integrate Epic’s billing automation services and Patient Estimates, so patients always know what to expect. More time for patients also means higher efficiency and better relations between staff and the community. Having optimized Epic software means people come to you when they need health care because they know you’ll give them the focus they deserve.

Increase Productivity

When we automate steps in your Epic system, your staff becomes more productive. Tasks get done faster, not because employees rush to get them done, but because they have the time to do them. As health care regulations change, we’ll reconfigure your system so your facility can adapt without disruption. Our Epic optimization services include assistance with mergers and acquisitions, implementing new modules, and MyChart support. When you have these resources, you spend less time searching for answers in your system and minimize errors in the process.

We Optimize Your Epic EHR

Titan Health Systems works to give you the full benefits that come with Epic Systems’ best practices. Our Epic build support services give you the level of assistance you need, whether that’s a total build from the ground up or some support to improve your already functional system. With an optimized Epic EHR system, you create more bandwidth to meet patient demand while lowering stress on your organization. Our Epic optimization services enhance the technological side of your business so you can focus on the human side.